Less than 5 days until EGEM Halving

As of Block #10,000,001 EGEM will enter ERA 4 out of 6.

As EGEM has a targeted block time of 11 seconds, making transactions more than 10% faster than Ethereum this puts block #10,000,001 at an estimated date of 10th March 2022 at 10:50am UTC

Entering ERA 4 means that once again EGEM rewards will be reduced by 50% for miners, Quarrynode holders and Dev Fee.

The breakdown of minted rewards is below:

Miners — 0.5 EGEM per block

Nodes — 0.5 EGEM per block

Dev Fee — 0.25 EGEM per block

ERA 5 will take place at block #12,500,000, approximately 318 days after the beginning of ERA 4

If you have any questions about EGEM, our development or are looking to host your applications on our chain you can contact the developers via the below links:

Discord: https://discord.egem.io

Telegram: https://t.me/egemofficial

Website: https://egem.io



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